Where am I, what has happened? Where’s my husband?” The doctors told her “You were in a horrible automobile crash. Your husband is in a private room. He is recuperating from surgery and is doing fine. He has been asking about you every hour for the past few days. You have been in a medically induced coma. Your surgeries have gone well. You will probably be here in the ICU ward for at least another week. Now that you are awake, we will get a wheelchair and bring your husband in so he can see you!” They were told by the emergency personnel that if it had not been for the airbags, they would not have survived after their car was hit head-on by a car being driven by an impaired driver.

Bob and his wife, Addie Horstman, had more than their share of trials and heartaches for many years. Their faith in Jesus Christ has helped them to cope with all the adversity. It had been quite a few years since their lives were shattered, going from the happiest day in their lives to the saddest day in their lives 24 hours later when their baby was kidnapped from the hospital birthing center.

A few days after having come out of the coma, Addie told Bob how one of the nurses named Adella had made her feel so cared for and comfortable as if she had known her all her life. During Bob’s brief visits to his wife’s room the next few days, he became so moved by Adella’s
loving mannerisms and devotion to his wife’s well-being and care!

He gave thanks to the Lord that his wife had such a loving person looking after her. However, today when Adella walked into the room Addie had a faraway look in her eyes, hardly acknowledging Adella.

 After a few moments of awkward silence, Bob, who was sitting in his wheelchair next to his wife’s bed holding her hand, told Adella about the loss of their baby quite a few years ago and that this was her birthday. He said birthdays and Mother’s Day, which was only a few days away, were very hard on his wife and himself.

Adella’s heart went out to them. She walked over to the bed and gave Addie a long embrace. Addie, with tears in her eyes, hugged her back and apologized for being so lost in thought. At that point Bob asked Adella if she would be spending time with her mother for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Adella told them her mother passed away two years ago, right before her 21st birthday. Bob and Addie expressed their condolences. Adella nodded as if to say thanks and then turned and walked out of the room.

When they asked one of the nurses if they had said something wrong, she assured them they hadn’t. She explained Adella didn’t have a very good relationship with her mother so just the mention of Mother’s Day makes her sad.

It was a few days later before they saw Adella, again on Mother’s Day. Adella walked over to the bed, sat down, hugged Addie tight and cried like a baby. It took a few minutes for her to calm down enough to get out the words. “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!” Through her sobs she said, “I am your daughter you lost 23 years ago.”  Addie and Bob were in a state of shock, with tears flooding down their cheeks, their minds were trying to comprehend what they had just heard.

Now all three of them were crying a flood of tears. After quite a few minutes more she explained how two of the nurses and one of the doctors were so struck by the physical likeness between Adella and Addie and having heard how the Horstman’s had lost their baby 23 years ago, their gut feeling led them to contact the hospital where the Horstman’s baby was kidnapped and obtained a DNA sample and fingerprints. There was no question Adella was their long-lost daughter. Yes, the auto crash was no accident. It is doubtful anyone has ever had a Mother’s Day gift like the one Addie Horstman received this Mother’s Day.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

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