On his
way home he saw his friend on the road, flying faster than the wind, knowing him probably drunk again. He flashed his headlights to  warn him, sheriff’s right around the bend.  He was sitting alone when his daughter got home, her beautiful smile and heart of gold makes him miss his wife, oh why’d she have to die?  His daughter’s eighteen now, the center of his world.  He cherishes the memories of the years gone by, but she’ll always Daddy’s little girl.  

    When his daughter came in, she gave her daddy a hug, kissed him goodnight, oh how she was growing up!  She headed for bed but then stopped to say, I saw a friend of yours today, he said to tell you thanks for flashing your lights.  He was going too fast so he slowed his car down, he was thankful he didn’t get stopped by the sheriff of the town.  He was drinking that day, would’ve been arrest number three, he’d hate to be sitting in jail, locked away.  

     The very next night there was a knock on the door, state trooper said you better sit down.  Your daughter got run off the road.  We did all we could, I’m so sorry to tell you she passed away!  Her very last words were tell Daddy his friend ran me off the road.  He shouldn't have flashed his lights.  I love you Daddy; sorry to say, your little girl won’t be home tonight!”

     He misses her so, what a fool he has been.  He flashed his lights and now his daughter is out of his life.  He knows he must heed her last words, do all he can in memory of her, and make sure someone else’s little girl gets home tonight.  

     He is spreading the word, let the law do their job.  If you have a heart here’s a great place to start!  Don’t flash your lights, you could save a life, for him it could have been hers!  Daddy, daddy don’t flash your lights, do what’s right make sure your little girl gets home tonight.  

     We do things with a motive in mind or what people assume to have been our motive, far different from the end result, causing us or others shattered hearts and broken families.

     Putting your faith in the Lord as the personal savior of your soul and then daily walking with the Lord through Bible reading and prayer will help us through the perils of life as we let the light of the Lord shine through our lives during the good days and the storm-filled days!

     “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”  Matthew 6:37       Copyrighted


     Christian Short Stories