​​About Christian Short Stories


Some of the stories on this website are true, some are fictional and some are a compilation of both.
There may be a line, humorous saying, or idea you have heard someplace before, generally used today or quite common at some point in time, which of course we do not take credit for.
“Let those without sin cast the first stone” – we read in the Bible. We expect to be stoned by the secular world, but when members of the body of Christ, especially in our community that we have a relationship with, don’t support us or uplift us, the body of Christ loses its witness, enabling the secular world to benefit.  Where do we turn? The Bible and prayer are the only sure and safe places to go! If through these stories we can encourage you to do just that, we will be glad. In writing these stories we also find help ourselves. Has the burdens of life ever been so heavy that you, or someone you love, have become depressed, stressed beyond belief, their self esteem and sense of self worth so defeated that, you, yourself or others have pushed or been pushed to seek help.
It is at that point those genuine, filled with the Holy Spirit, members of the body of Christ, though few in number, in obedience to the Lord, become such a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us, helping to restore us as the Lord commands. Christ demands members of the body of Christ that have been born again should take on the same importance as our own family members. Read John12:14, Romans 12:5, 1st Peter 4:9, Galatians 6:2, Matthew 5:23-24.  Yes, people turn to religion when times are tough, but only the Lord knows the heart, so only He knows if our asking for forgiveness and truly turning to Him is genuine.
It is through these stories we pray we will encourage you this day to seek the Lord through His word, the Holy Bible. May you come to realize that we do this for two reasons. One, to show our love for members of the body of Christ (those that have been born again) and two, to let those that do not know the Lord that He loves and longs for them to come to Him. Read John 3:16 in the Bible and get to know Him today. And last, by just as important, they help all of us to withstand the winds of adversity as we all seek to glorify the Lord.
Please take time to read or listen to some of our stories today. We thank you for spending the time with us. May the Lord richly bless you!  We leave you with this. I Peter 3:8.  “Finally all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another, love as brothers and sisters, be tenderhearted, be courteous” – for this is the command of Christ Jesus.
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