“Do you have a moment?” Tommy asked. I told him I would certainly be willing to take a moment for him.  I had a small business I worked on Saturdays, to make a little extra cash. The auto parts place, where Tommy worked, was one of my customers. Tommy told me he wanted to talk to me for more than a moment, stating he had an hour lunch break starting in a few minutes, if I could take the time.

I told him I would need to rearrange my very full schedule, which I was willing to do, but next Saturday would be a lot better for me, if that would work for him.  Tommy said that would work even though his reply seemed half-hearted.

I was puzzled. What was so important Tommy needed at least an hour of my time? My relationship with everyone at the auto parts place was very cordial, but none of the employees were close friends.

It is impossible to explain the feeling that came over me then, and even now as I remember, when I received word Tommy committed suicide a few days later. It didn’t get any easier when a couple of the other employees at the auto parts place told me that Tommy commented to them that he felt I was different than most everyone else he knew. 

 I often wondered what it was that Tommy saw in me that made him feel he could unload his burdens to me, knowing I would listen and hopefully help him through the apparent dark valley he was traveling through. The Lord obviously opened an opportunity that my “busy” schedule prohibited me from availing. Tommy’s eternal destination could have been determined that day if I had taken the time to share Christ with him.

Do you have a moment? People both within and without the body of Christ need encouragement, an advocate, or a caring person to help lift their burden. If they are a member of the body of Christ, they have personally accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, it is our obligation to be there for them. If it is someone outside the body of Christ, it is a God-given opportunity. How many times have I failed because someone did not see Christ in me, or because I was too busy? Do you have a moment? 

“And let us not be weary in well-doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  Galatians 6:9

Even though many of our stories are based on a true story and then set in a fictional setting, this story is totally true.

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