Molly MacIntosh stopped by Bobby Lee’s Produce and Meat market on Rockton Street to pick up a few grocery items. Bobby Lee asked Molly if her husband Dillard enjoyed the steak she bought last week, because he had a sale on steak again today.  Molly told him Dillard said it was so tough, a dog wouldn’t eat it. Bobby Lee, who was quite taken back by Molly’s comment, and looking a little embarrassed, said “Then how about a chicken?” Molly said, “Don’t be silly, if a dog wouldn’t eat it neither would a chicken.” Bobby Lee was silent for a second and then started to laugh. “Molly, you, and your sense of humor. You were just trying to get my goat, weren’t you?” Molly said, “No, I don’t want your goat, but I will take some of that steak that is on sale.” Now everyone in the store was laughing. She made sure Bobby Lee and everyone who was listening to their conversation knew that Dillard actually felt the steak she bought from Bobby Lee last week was tender and delicious, like usual.

Molly paid for her groceries and was walking out of the store when Bobby Lee yelled to her. “Molly, I forgot to tell you, one of your favorite people is home for the weekend. She came by the store this morning to get some items for her mother.” Molly said, “Who, quick tell me, I can’t wait to hear.” When Molly heard that Kayla Riley was home from nursing school for the weekend, she hurried home and called her, inviting her to come over later that afternoon.

Kayla, like so many of her friends, used to practically live at the MacIntosh’s when she was a teen, so she jumped at the chance to stop by and see them. It had been quite a while since she last saw them.

 The last time was at the Barnwell’s farm, at their Saturday evening get together, which is always a fun and rewarding time for everyone. Molly had some of her fresh baked cookies ready for Kayla which she loved. Dillard and Molly were anxious to hear all about her studies and life at nursing school. Kayla said she enjoyed school but the one thing that did bother her was the closed mindedness of so many professors and students when it came to scientific creationism. She felt the University should be a place where ideas and the abundance of science, especially in recent years that pointed to a young earth like the Bible talks about, should be discussed instead of censored.

Kayla told the MacIntosh’s that after she witnessed birth for the first time and got to hold the tiny baby, she did not see how anybody could feel life just happened.  This experience had certainly enhanced her belief in God as creator. Molly was quick to quote Psalm 139:13–16,

“For you formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very wellYour eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book, they all were written. The days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.” 

Kayla said, “Yes, I am familiar with that verse. As a matter of fact, I shared that verse with a friend of mine after telling him about how witnessing birth strengthened my faith. He went home and wrote something based on what I was telling him. I have a copy with me if you would like to hear it.” Both Dillard and Molly, in unison, said they would love to hear it. Kayla took out the copy of what her friend wrote and read it to them.

“God’s greatest gift came to earth from heaven high, the blessed mother sighed, she cried, tears of joy flowed softly upon her cheeks, the baby eyes found hers, they gazed upon each other, her adoration a wonder to behold magnified the Lord within her soul, the angels sang, kings they came, shepherds on bended knee. No mountain high, nor river wide, sunrise or stars set high, flowers bright, a moon-filled night, could compare to a baby so dear. Ten fingers, ten toes, two ears, a mouth and a nose, a life ready to unfold just as the Psalmist long ago foretold, the chosen One had come to save man’s soul. Praise to God in heaven on high, only a fool could deny, the one who loves and made us all.”

The line about the steak was one we heard on a TV show, so it is not original with us. The story is based in a fictional setting but the rest of it is true.

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