Andrew Penworth and Jenny Cliburn were chatting on the phone when Andrew told Jenny about a story he recently heard. He said it had a profound impact on him to the extent he realized how lacking his prayer life had become.  Jenny said she would love to hear the story.  She listened intently as Andrew spoke.
It was the first time ever; that not just one or two but every member of the choir was late for choir practice. The choir director’s daughter said she could not remember a single time when any member of the choir had ever been late.  As a matter of fact everyone was usually ten to fifteen minutes early.  The pastor and choir director normally arrived much earlier than the choir members but on this night they were both late for the first time ever.  Every member of the choir, from the high school students to the adults also had an excuse.  The excuses varied from the car would not start on this bitter cold night, lost track of time while working on a difficult geometry home work assignment, business related dinner that went longer than expected. Another member was so caught up in a radio show she lost track of time, and the list goes on!
It was almost time for choir practice to begin when the first members of the choir were pulling into the church parking lot or nearing the church. We can only imagine how each of them felt knowing they would be late for the first time ever.  At that precise moment  there was a tremendous explosion forceful enough to blow out house windows quite some distance from the church and from all reports knocked the local radio station off the air.  The Westside Baptist Church in Beatrice Nebraska was totally leveled.  The old gas furnace, which was in the basement directly below the choir loft blew up.  We can only imagine what each member of the choir, along with the pastor, choir director, family and friends, was feeling or thinking and the emotions going through them at that moment.    When if became apparent that every member of the choir, along with the pastor and choir director were safe, they were all giving thanks and praise to the Lord for this incredible miracle even though it took a while to comprehend what had just happened. 
Jenny told Andrew we won’t know this side of heaven why God obviously performed this miracle, answering the prayers of members of the congregation who faithfully prayed for their church on a regular basis.  They all knew this was not some coincidence but truly divine intervention.  She quoted the words of Charles Spurgeon. “Prayer must not be our chance work, but our daily business, our habit and vocation.  As an artist gives themselves to their models, and poets to their classical pursuits, so must we addict ourselves to prayer.  We must be immersed in prayer as in our element, and so pray without ceasing. “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much.”  James 5:6.  
Dr. Charles Stanley in his sermon found on line; “The Key to Answered Prayer” answers the question why are some prayers answered and not others stating that prayer should be motivated by a desire to fellowship with the Lord, and not simply because we want something from Him.  The Lord longs for fellowship with you.  Pray today and everyday thanking and praising His Holy name!
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