Tara felt Tommy was all she wanted and needed in life to be happy! It was the night after high school graduation when she finally sat down with her parents and told them she was three months pregnant. 

Her parents were numbed by this unexpected news, piercing their hearts with pain and anguish. All the plans and dreams they had for their daughter, nursing school, the perfect wedding, were all seemingly being washed away with their tears.

Tara’s own tears stopped shortly after she got into her car to go to Tommy’s house and tell him the good news.  She was excited about getting married and spending the rest of life with Tommy. Tara wanted Tommy to keep focused on his studies until he graduated, which is the reason she waited to tell him she was pregnant.

 If Tommy had punched her in the face, it wouldn’t have hurt any worse than his words to her. “I’ve got a lot of plans and living to do before I am ready to settle down. It’s either the baby or me, take your choice.”

Tara felt like she was in the twilight zone; she could not believe these words could be coming from Tommy, her own true love. At least she had thought he was her own true love. Tara was so emotionally distraught she could not even drive back home.  She called a couple of her girlfriends to come and get her and drive her home. Tara’s perfect dream had quickly become a nightmare! She truly believed Tommy was in love with her; she suddenly realized it wasn’t her that Tommy was in love with, but her body.  How could she have been so deceived, she asked herself.

 Tara went to the Crisis Pregnancy Center where she was met with the love and compassion of a genuine, caring staff. It was only after being introduced to Jesus Christ and His message that she made her decision. She could not have an abortion but must allow that precious life inside her to be born.

Tommy’s anger at Tara for having the baby manifested itself in a flood of legal battles. He tried every way possible to make life miserable for Tara. Tara’s daughter, Jennifer, had just turned 16, and was a beautiful girl.  Tara had a lot of dreams for her daughter’s future, just like her parents had for her, but theirs  had gone unfulfilled.

 Tara’s love for Jesus continued to grow after her love for Tommy had ended. This was thanks to one of the counselors at the Crisis Pregnancy Center who was a close friend to Tara throughout her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter. 

Tommy had caused her a lot of problems and had fought her continuously over child support. This resulted in a great deal of stress, and legal expenses, but her love of Jesus kept her from getting bitter.

When the phone rang and Tommy’s third wife in the last 10 years was on the line, Tara wondered what she was calling about. Tommy’s wife told Tara that Tommy needed a bone marrow transplant, or he was going to die. 

A suitable donor could not be found. Tara was shocked that he would call on her daughter, Jennifer, since he had come to despise her much as he did Tara, to see if she could help save his life. Tara wasn’t surprised when her daughter Jennifer volunteered, after tests revealed she was the only suitable donor.

 People who knew Tommy told Tara and Jennifer they had never witnessed a more profound change in a person than what they saw in Tommy after the surgery. The change became even more pronounced, when a few weeks later, Tommy told Jennifer he wanted to know more about her love for Jesus she always talked about. He even sent a check for all the past child support he owed and even the monies he had cost Tara in all the legal battles she had paid for over the last 16 years.

Jennifer’s pastor said he had never seen a Godlier heart than Jennifer’s.  There wasn’t a dry eye in church the day she gave her testimony, with her mom standing by her side.  Jennifer said the day she was born God so lovingly laid her gently in the hands of the most beautiful person in the world, her mom, whom He cradled in His hands, keeping them close to Him the last 16 years.

Jennifer said her mom gave her life, but her Father in Heaven gave her eternal life. What she did for Tommy was just her way of thanking the Lord for all He has done for her, especially for such a wonderful mom and the gift of life. Jennifer’s pastor never gave his sermon that day. When Jennifer finished giving her testimony, everyone was praising the Lord, having just witnessed the love of Jesus, giver of life, both this life and for those that know Him and have accepted His gift of salvation, the life hereafter!

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