JJ’s mother’s life of despondency had sadly come to an end. Trapped in a world where it seemed nobody cared, she longed to give her son a better life, but all to no avail.  Drugs and alcohol took her life. Social workers tried to console eight-year-old JJ the best they could. Life was very hard, but he still loved and longed for his mother. An orphanage or foster care seemed like the only two alternatives.

JJ pleaded for someone to adopt him so he could have a family like most of the other kids in his class at school. Daily ridicule had taken its toll. “Your mother is a druggie.” “Where did you get those clothes, from the dump?” “Sorry, if you can’t pay you can’t play” coaches would tell him, not willing to give him a chance because of his appearance and being from the “projects.”

The social worker asked JJ if they were able to find a couple willing to adopt him, would their race/color make a difference? He said he just wanted parents that would love him! He asked if their skin color/race was different from his if they would still love him! He wanted to know what color had the most love. He was told love is not determined by the color of a person’s skin, or race, but by their heart.

The social worker called a friend of hers who worked at a Christian adoption agency. Her friend at the agency was so surprised that, even though older children are hard to place, a wonderful couple they had been working with had made such a request.

They had given up on a baby after a three year wait. It wasn’t long until JJ discovered the color of love, “Son-Shine Bright”! The couple fell in love with JJ the moment they met him.

 The fact that their skin color and race were not the same did not phase them in the least. Their Godly hearts were filled with joy and thanks to the Lord for answered prayer. Not only is JJ having the time of his life, receiving an abundance of love from his new parents, but he is also getting to play on a youth league team. His coach told his parents that JJ’s natural talent is as good as he had ever seen and how thankful he is to have JJ on his team.

JJ loves his new home and family. Everything was going well, until one day JJ came home from school quite sad. When asked what the problem was, JJ said the kids in his class were picking on one of his friends because he was from a poor family and wore hand-me-down clothes. His parents smiled, knowing that after JJ had accepted Christ as his Savior, he knew the color of love was “Son-Shine Bright”. He had developed such a loving and caring heart. JJ’s parents allowed him to give some of the abundance of nice clothes they had bought for JJ, to his friend. Talk about a friend for life, JJ certainly has one now. Red, or Yellow, Black, Brown, or White, all are precious in the Lord’s sight!

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity”. Colossians 3:14 

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