Even though it was a cold winter’s night, a large crowd showed up at the Barnwell’s farm Saturday night. People of all ages were having fun playing games, singing, laughing, and just plain having a good time there in the big red barn.

As usual, things quieted down quickly come story time. One of the people who told a story last week made mention of 16-year-old Shelby and how she is always so focused and attentive when they tell a story. They said it is amazing how much she conveys with her eyes. The look in her eyes encourages and inspires, saying volumes about her warm, caring heart.

The comment inspired James and Carolyn Craig to tell a story that took place many years ago in Northern Virginia. A man, covered with ice and snow, was about to freeze to death when he could not find a way to cross the river and get home.

A large group of riders on horseback came galloping past him, but he waited until the last one before he asked for help crossing the river. The horseman helped the man get up on his horse and then took him across the knee-high river water which was starting to freeze over. The horseman not only carried the man across the river, but he also took him to his house which was a few miles beyond the river.

 The horseman asked him why he had not asked any of the other riders for help. The man replied he looked in each of their eyes, but it was only in his eyes he could see a caring heart. The man did not know that the horseman who took him across the river that night was the President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

It was at this point that Dillard and Molly MacIntosh, who usually entertain everyone with the good-natured humor, said how the Lord instructs us how to live and shows us what is important through the use of our eyes, and His.  They said for us to look up all the references to eyes in the Bible and we will have our eyes opened in a mighty way.

David asked the Lord to keep him as the apple of His eye. God calls Israel the apple of His eye and says He will bless them that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee, which the nations of the world ignore to their own peril.

Jesus said he spoke in parables because, even though seeing, people do not see. He also said to lift up our eyes and look, for the fields are white unto harvest, and he who reaps souls for him gathers fruit for eternal life.

Fanny Crosby, the greatest hymn writer of all time, was blind, yet she could see things most people have not seen with their eyes wide open. She wrote, “Perfect submission, perfect delight, visions of rapture now burst on my sight.  Angels descending, bring from above, echoes of mercy, whispers of love. Blessed assurance Jesus is mine.”

 And to those that find the Lord Jesus Christ and put their faith in Him, He says, “Eyes have not seen, nor entered into the hearts of man, the things which God has prepared for those that love Him.”

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