People were talking all week long about the great time everyone had at the Barnwell’s farm Saturday night.   Dillard and Molly MacIntosh had all the kids, teens, and adults laughing so hard their sides hurt. Someone said her husband had just purchased a beautiful new automatic dishwasher for her birthday, in addition to a very nice dinner for two at her favorite restaurant.

Molly said she had the oldest car in the neighborhood, the oldest clothes dryer, oldest refrigerator, and oldest dishwasher. “Wait a second,” Dillard said. “What do you mean you have the oldest dishwasher, I wash the dishes, in case you forgot!” Molly had that funny little smirk on her face when she said, “That proves my point, just like I said, I have the oldest dishwasher in the neighborhood”.

 Dillard laughed as hard as everyone else at Molly’s quick wit before he said, “Well, at least I am good for something and not useless like some old worn-out appliance.” Molly looked at Dillard with the usual affectionate smile she has for him and said, “No dear, you are far from useless. I don’t know of anyone that is more diligent in serving the Lord by serving others, than you!”

 Molly continued to speak. She said, “No one is useless, God has a plan for every one of us. Once we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord we are not instructed to sit back and rejoice, knowing we will be with the Lord for eternity in heaven, but instead we are to serve the Lord with gladness so the world might see Christ in us. The Lord equips all His children with talents and gifts for serving Him, and we are to use them to the fullest if we really know and love Him.”

Molly told us about a woman who suffered physically and mentally due to poor health, to the point she was quite depressed, feeling totally useless. This woman apparently harbored resentment toward God. She envied people who were blessed with talents, gifts, and physical attributes she didn’t have. When Dr. Malan from Switzerland was visiting her family, he asked her if she was saved, this young woman resented him for asking such a personal question and she was not bashful letting him know how she felt.

A few days later she apologized to Dr. Malan, told him she was miserable and wanted to be saved but didn’t know what she needed to do. Dr. Malan responded, “Why not come just as you are.” His statement stuck in her mind and heart to the extent that after she accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, she sat down and wrote these words.  “Just as I am without one plea, But, that thy blood was shed for me, And, that thou bidd’st me come to thee, O lamb of God, I come, I come.”

 “Just as I am”. These words written by Charlotte Elliot have been sung by countless millions around the world.  Only God knows how many people gave their lives to Christ at Billy Graham crusades, in churches, at camps or listening to “Just As I Am” in their home. Molly MacIntosh said she could not think of a better story than this one about Charlotte Elliot to illustrate how no child of God is useless. Regardless, it is just something you say to someone like Dr. Malan’s words to Charlotte, which inspired her to write one of the most sung hymns of the Christian faith, “Just As I Am”. We all appreciate a word of encouragement, or washing dishes with a glad heart, like her husband Dillard has been doing for years. All you must do is be available. 

You might not know on this side of heaven, what impact you will have for the Lord, but your reward will be great if you serve the Savior.  Read 1 Peter: 4:10-11. Knowing the Lord is the best way to know how truly valuable you are!

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Christian Short Stories