Freddie Barnwell (Farmer Barnwell to everyone who knows him) and his wife Jessie had a great week. Their 4-year-old great-granddaughter, Emily, had been staying with them.  Emily loves to spend time on the farm with her great-grandparents just the way her mother did when she was a little girl.

Emily’s parents live in the city, so she doesn’t get to see animals like those on the farm, except when she visits her great-grandparents. Even though Freddie Barnwell has been working his farm for over 50 years now, he doesn’t show any signs of letting up. He has every type of farm animal you can think of. Needless to say, Emily’s favorite is the pony on which her great-grandfather, or great grand pappy, as Emily calls him, takes her for a ride at least two or three times every day.

Farmer Barnwell was sitting in his favorite chair, reading the current edition of the area farm news. Emily was sitting on the floor in front of the chair playing with her toys. Her great-grandmother, Jessie Barnwell, was in the kitchen cooking some of her special cookies for all the people soon to arrive for their Saturday night get-together. There will be lots of good fun, singing, games, and their favorite part of the evening where everyone from the kids to the old timers enjoy story time with lots of good stories.

 Farmer Barnwell happened to look down at Emily and noticed her staring at the picture of herself, which was sitting on the little table next to her grand-pappy’s chair. It was a beautiful picture, one that Emily’s mother gave to the Barnwell’s the day she brought Emily out to the farm. Emily’s grand-pappy could tell she was deep in thought. He was curious what she was thinking about, but before he could ask, Emily said: “Grand-pappy, did God make me?” Her grand pappy said, Yes, honey, God made you! And what a wonderful job He did.

Emily continued playing with her dolls on the floor at the foot of her grand-pappy’s chair. Once again, she stopped and began to stare at her grand pappy. Farmer Barnwell knew for certain something was on her mind but once again, before he could ask what it was, Emily said, “Grand-pappy, did God make you?” He smiled and said, “Yes, honey, God made me, too.” His little great-granddaughter sat there looking back and forth at her own picture on the table next to her grand-pappy’s chair and then at her grand-pappy. Finally, she spoke. “Grand-pappy, God’s doing a better job these days, isn’t He?”

Farmer Barnwell got quite a chuckle out of Emily’s comment. Looking at his pretty little great-granddaughter he had to agree that from a 4-year old’s perspective he could understand her reasoning.

He told us how so many people wonder why some people seem to be blessed with good looks and other characteristics while others don’t seem to have the same blessing.

 “If we are all made in God’s image, why aren’t we all blessed with a Godly image?” Farmer Barnwell went on to say “Being created in God’s image, as the Bible says, doesn’t mean physically since God is a Spirit Being, but means we were created as Moral Beings with an intellect, emotions and will. God is Moral and as Moral Beings created in His image, we are responsible to Him for our conduct. Because of sin, man has rejected God’s rule and lost his fellowship with God. A fellowship that can only be restored by a personal faith in Jesus Christ.”

Farmer Barnwell said he is glad he knows Jesus as His personal savior and will be spending eternity with Him in Heaven. He smiled when he said, “Since the Lord says we will all have a glorified body when we get to heaven, I’m confident that you, Emily, will approve of the new body God gives me.” Then he chuckled as he said, “When it comes to physical looks, I’m glad I will get a second chance.”

He had a little smirk on his face, knowing he was about to take a few liberties with Biblical interpretation when he said, “The Bible says the first shall be last and the last shall be first, therefore, I’m going to be the best-looking guy in heaven!”

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